The sub-funds are parts of the umbrella venture capital fund Koinvesticinis fondas which have different investment strategies and funding sources. The following are the descriptions of each of the four sub-funds

Investment eligibility criteria for entities

Micro and small enterprises that
Have not distributed their profit to shareholders or members
Have been in operation for no longer than five years from registration
Have not taken over the business of any other company
Are not listed on a regulated market
Have not been created through a merger


All business sectors, including companies operating in the financial sector (except ineligible activities as specified in the sub-fund prospectus).

The main territory of investment is Lithuania.

Investor benefits

Assignment of Fund`s non-property rights in the company to private investors
Limitation of the Fund’s return to 6% of annual compound interest
Limitation of the Fund’s return to 4%, if the company concerned is already included or becomes included in the First North alternative market within 12 months from investment

Investment size

Up to EUR 800k
Up to EUR 1.6m for innovative companies

Fund's part in the investment

Up to 80%
Konstitucijos ave. 7 (16 floor), LT-09308 Vilnius


See the full details of the Application submission process.
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